room with a view

sarip is liking this wordpress very much, cos it has many many useful functions. so sarip goes lah godeh godeh here, godeh godeh there – cos as usual the spirit to attain excellency at work is never available after a few days of rest – and (walla!) look what sarip found.

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sarip understands the search for singapore babi, as there are many around at the moment. he does not, unfortunately, understands the search for robot zaman dulu 1 kali. nuclear tests from pyongyang are more understandable than this. :S


in case you are wondering, those pixs are not from sarip’s room. sarip wished it was his, unfortunately not. but it is from a room in one of singapore’s best kept secrets. a place long appreciated, but not abandoned. it is one of the last remnants to still be alive and kicking, after the demise of mitre hotel. the building is as old as raffles hotel (to my assumption), and it is a nice getaway. 🙂


most! up! to this killer gerbil. sarip was never in the scene, but he likes gerbil’s wERkZ. he r3pR3s3nts! i wonder who still uses that term nowadays. :S


if you’ve walked around and noticed the ads, eric ‘slowhand’ clapton will be performing in singapore NEXT year. sarip understands the nature of the logistics and the hoo-hah-hah in the planning and organisation for a big star but,sometimes, he does wonder if the singapore concert promoters ever learn their lesson. only recently, robbie william’s gig has been cancelled after all the houbrahah last june, where it allocated only 3 days for purchasing the tixs. what happened next? he cancelled his tour because of “exhaustion”. i watched his gig at leeds on star the other day, and come as overrated big stars go, he could not be bothered less about their audiences. no?

i know some people are still big fans of eric clapton – he’s a legend no doubt. but promoting his concert way before the actual gig can be a downer if anything happens to the artists’ mood swings. and then what?


politics is a boring subject, the majority will agree on. sarip is the least influential person he’d ever known in terms of political favour, but it is his interest. he liked it eversince someone, he forgotten whom (colin goh, maybe?), published the comic book “Goodbye Lee, Hello Goh!” or something like that. and then he loves Lat cartoons, where a lot of parady involving Malaysia’s politicans and politics were potrayed in his drawings. amusing it is, but also a defining message on how the politicians can affect our lives indirectly.

and who so has the most influence to the global structure than the united states itself. admit it or not, most of our lives depend on them. as we speak, more than half of the world’s products are either conceptualised, designed or produced by them. there is no denying of fact in that.

and so, nov 7th is an important day for the U.S., in fact for the whole world in consideration. this is the day, where the citizens will vote for the house and senate that controls the constitution. or something like that. what is more important – for everyone in fact – is that the republicans to be ousted out for the democrats to settle in. sarip does not know if the democrats will be better of for the fate of everyone, but at least he is reassuared that the slimeballs and the dirty politics of the republicans will not be continued.

sarip just hope for the best, for everyone, come november the 7th.



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