“look ma! genting!”

so, everyone is complaining about the haze. they all say cannot breathe lah, eyes pain lah, some say even cannot sleep! ayoyoyo…jialat like that. not the haze, but people’s reactions lor. either the people are so bo liao or i am THE bo liao one.

but then we should always look on the positive side. somemore sarip likes the haze. reasons being:-

1. he can smoke and not many people will comprain about the smoke.
2. he wakes up and look out of window thinking he is at cameroooooooon highlands.
3. he won’t feel paiseh wanting to smoke at food centres, with or without the yellow box cos everywer got smoke. haha so much for the anti smoking campaign.
4. not many people will want to go out so that means outside will have not many people cos they afraid the haze may choke them to death. that means more space for sarip!
5. suddenly cos of the haze, the sun rays donno why not that jialat. so thatta good.

but then if you kambingpuraans still cannot take smoke in yer eyes, make sure you spray …


this in your home. at least it’ll smell, “better”.


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