Something Vague

some things are still a mystery, no matter how many validations people will give.

1. i  don’t understand why companies like freitag are deemed as innovative and “cool” for using recycle products and sell its products at such a high price, when all along the karung guni man and apeks and aunties have improvised long ago. freitag has just finished building its shop (pictures) using recycled containers, and receiving high praise for it. it is commendable, but the rise of the “hip” factor bewilders me. i’ve seen a lot of foreign workers and vagrants living in those, but not once i’ve heard people shouts, “hip!” to them. i hope the hip crowd who paid $350 for a recycled bag care to explain this to me. thanks.

2. This is the fasting month. I went to Al-Mutaqqin mosque to perform the Friday prayers. During the sermon,  the Imam serves the attendees with the reminders of what is right and wrong, during this period. as usual lah. so he explains that consumption of food and drinks are not allowed and yada yada yada. fine, even though we’ve heard that countless of times. what strikes sarip was the amazing number of food stalls – right. in. front. of. the. mosque. all serving food and delicacies that attracts everyone. sarip does not understand. sermon says no consumption, why does the mosque facilitators allowed so many stalls to line up its driveway and selling food, lots of it, in the middle of the day?? are we going to war, and that is why people have to stack up food all the way till buka? the spectre of people, just minutes before attending the prayers, rushing and choosing and contemplating what to buy makes me confused.  sarip understands, people needs to operate businesses for income, fair enough. what he does not is the logic behind A LOT OF STALLS SERVING A LOT OF FOOD in the MIDDLE of the day IN A MOSQUE. please, sarip needs some clarification lah.


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