how it ends

this is going to be short and sweet. (new mantra, lah)

1. curse your little heart if devotchka is not on the playlist.

curse your little heart

2. Little Miss Sunshine.

3. Prison Break is bayek cam nak mampos! Only thing is after Season 1, diaorang tak main lagi in that prison. So far is so good in Season 2. Hell, the scripwriters at FOX are incredible lah. Only if they don’t sensationalise their newscasters lah.



2 thoughts on “how it ends

  1. agree!
    i wanna watch little miss sunshine sebab ader itu steve carell.
    prison break baik amat!!
    itu wentworth miller pun tak kurang hot.
    ni baru watch second episod. kiter pat rumah masih zaman purba. medicorpse jugak kiter lantak.

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