No Adherence To Observation

Politicians in the west and the general public are always up in arms and pinpoint the “radical” Muslims for the trouble in the world. From conflicts of war to head scarves, they are always quick to target the “hassle” of adjustments and issues to deal with them. They pinpoint “historical tales” of how the Muslims conquered and ruled the land, past and present. They claimed how a religion that prophesied peace can have so many tumultuous incidents among themselves and others.

But when an incident like this and many others happens, most of them tend to look on the blind side. These stories are only notified on the rear end of importance. They will do the undiplomatic acknowledgement but with little action. How is a crime like this not as severe as compared to the London, Madrid or Bali bombings? The numbers may not be as “significant” but the appalling factor here is that it is done by a governmental unit who wants to justify peace and harmony. And for goodness sake NATO, you HAVE to attack on a Muslim holiday. I can just imagine what will be the reaction of MOST world leaders if some leftist radicals bomb a small village celebrating Thanksgiving and what-nots.

And what do we do about it? If we are to react strongly to the incident and take action, you’ll be the first to sanction us. But if we don’t do anything about it, you will continue bombard us with bombs, snarls and accusations for our existence. We are told to be moderate in our reactions, but tell me how much more moderation can we take when incidents like these happen regularly and no responsibility is being accounted for?

dari eon untuk semua

dari kecil, ku gemar menonton iklan-iklan dari petronas sempena sambutan aidil fitri. sering iklan mereka menyuarakan erti sambutan perayaan tersebut dengan emosi yang menyayat hati.

pada tahun ini, petronas menyiarkan kisah sepasang suami isteri yang membawa kembali ayah yang sakit untuk tinggal bersama mereka sempena kesambutan aidil fitri. walaupun mesej pada iklan pada tahun ini adalah seiras dengan yang pernah diterbitkan pada tahun-tahun sebelum ini, ia tetap relevan untuk menyampaikan iktibar untuk penonton supaya jangan mengabaikan percintaan kepada orang tua. syabas kepada mereka yang merekakan iklan-iklan bergini.

klik disini untuk menyaksikan klip iklan petronas untuk aidil fitri 2006.

antara klip pada tahun-tahun yang lalu.

hari raya, hari gembira
walaupun usia semakin senja
memori tetap sedia ada
untuk disimpan untuk selama lamanya

itulah hari maaf bermaafan
titisan air mata, titisan keheningan
titisan kesyahduan, titisan keinsafan
titisan percintaan, titisan kewibaan

takbir bergema, jiwaku bernyawa
takbir bergema, air mata diterima
takbir bergema, kemaafan ku menerima
ayah dan ibu, ku dakap dengan rela

sarip disini ingin memohon maaf kepada pembaca jikalau ada silap ulas dan kata sebelumnya. salam aidil fitri, minal a’izin walfaizin.

even stevphen montage

classic. steve carell has this i-don’t-know-what-is-going-on look, he seems oblivious, innocent. and it works. it may look simple, but to put his timing to perfection gives him a lot of credibility.

colbert, everyone agrees, is funny. smart. a younger version of david letterman, so to speak.

too bad, there is no more even stevphen.

hail to youtube then!


checkout this show by designer hussein chayalan. the days when clothes can automatically resize itself ala marty mcfly’s jacket in back to the future 2 is materialising soon.



geylang was visited yesterday. the atmosphere felt different. the original market and the spirits at blocks 1 – 4 are missing. one by one, the monuments in geylang i’ve grown up with are made way for “better developments”. i miss the old mosque along onan road, the coffee shop at the main juction where m. nasir referred to his song ‘bas no. 13’, the crooked jagged shops within the market, that old coffee shop at block 1, many others.

now, only yokoso is the one left remaining remnant (joo chiat is too relevant lah. 🙂 ) that i can associated with my childhood. ‘celaka punya sundal’ will be the day if anyone wants to tear it down.



greed is good.


money money money, singapore money…

…Singapore lectures Indonesia about the importance of the rule of law while giving its criminals a haven.

Despite the billions it gets from Indonesia, it gives back only a fraction in foreign assistance but then decries Indonesia for being insufficiently grateful…

i wonder how the gahmen can reflect themselves upon this. we are often being lectured to practise ethical discipline, but the Godfadja is only thinking on how to ‘improve the future of our country’s economy’.

and now with indonesia crumbling down, Godfadja now is concentrating on the ever popular (mainly) chinese addiction to gambling. what’s next if the casino goes bust? human trading?

it is admirable that Godfadja is concentrating on building wealth, for this country maybe, but the extent and measures it is applied and the smokescreen of ‘honourable practice and free of corruption’ mantra being promoted just give it a stink of bad feelings. long live to blood money then…


having this located “quite” nearby to your workplace, is a good reprieve. only if the payscale is higher, then it’ll be perfect, lah. 🙂


read in the news a few days back, where Seha formerly from the band Freedom had passed away after battling cancer for the past few months.

tell me you 80s malay kids. tell me you’ve listen to Freedom when you are still young. i was in Primary 3, when i first heard Freedom and i was transfixed. shuib and seha were the 2 most admired singers (for a time). hehe. everytime the song goes, “sejak perkenalan kita…aku dapat merasa…” me and my cousins will do the ting tong ting tong organ sounds.  or when shuib starts to sing…”di haaaadaaapaaan kitaaaa…ada jalan..menuju…”darn, i forgot the lyrics.

but anyway, Freedom was a part of my childhood, and my cousins too. we love them very much and always look forward for their performance on Hiburan Minggu Ini. and for that, we thank you for the memories.

may your soul rest in peace.

freak goals and structures

1. paul robinson’s freak ‘goal’ can only be blamed on one entity. not the pitch, the opponents, the inept manager or ‘fat’ frank lampard who is making me squemish everytime he’s aiming for a ‘goal’.

it can only be faulted on one reason. see it for yourself.

Robin Hood gives a goal!

yes, you know it’s true. when borat’s looking at you, your worst nightmares will come true.

“Chenquieh! I is Happy!”

2. little miss sunshine is vair fulfilling.

Uncle Frank and the yellow bus

the soundtrack is excellent (devotchka + sufjan!), the acting is spot on, the theme is very inspiring. we always remind ourselves to not to give up, no matter how large the obstacle is for it can be countered if you have the faith and believe. in that 103 minutes, the message was littered across from a vw van and a little 7 year old actress.

3. vivocity is huge. not megamall huge, but still huge lah. GAP has not opened yet, but soon will (yeay!) it has a great scenary where the old harbour pavillion and its shopping and eating stretch used to stand. sarip used to linger around there before, visiting this one record store and get his dose of bootleg cds, and just gaze towards the sea. as it stands now, there is a structure that looks like a snowman. sarip does not understand how a snowman structure fits in the mould of a hot, equatorial, humid island.


oh, and the cineplex entrance doors can be a bit, erm, confusing. double check if you’re supposed to enter theatre 10.


room with a view

sarip is liking this wordpress very much, cos it has many many useful functions. so sarip goes lah godeh godeh here, godeh godeh there – cos as usual the spirit to attain excellency at work is never available after a few days of rest – and (walla!) look what sarip found.

Search Views
lagu human nature 2
cara mengayam ketupat 1
baju raya artis 1
And true, it may seem like a stretch 1
robot zaman dulu 1 kali 1

sarip understands the search for singapore babi, as there are many around at the moment. he does not, unfortunately, understands the search for robot zaman dulu 1 kali. nuclear tests from pyongyang are more understandable than this. :S


in case you are wondering, those pixs are not from sarip’s room. sarip wished it was his, unfortunately not. but it is from a room in one of singapore’s best kept secrets. a place long appreciated, but not abandoned. it is one of the last remnants to still be alive and kicking, after the demise of mitre hotel. the building is as old as raffles hotel (to my assumption), and it is a nice getaway. 🙂


most! up! to this killer gerbil. sarip was never in the scene, but he likes gerbil’s wERkZ. he r3pR3s3nts! i wonder who still uses that term nowadays. :S


if you’ve walked around and noticed the ads, eric ‘slowhand’ clapton will be performing in singapore NEXT year. sarip understands the nature of the logistics and the hoo-hah-hah in the planning and organisation for a big star but,sometimes, he does wonder if the singapore concert promoters ever learn their lesson. only recently, robbie william’s gig has been cancelled after all the houbrahah last june, where it allocated only 3 days for purchasing the tixs. what happened next? he cancelled his tour because of “exhaustion”. i watched his gig at leeds on star the other day, and come as overrated big stars go, he could not be bothered less about their audiences. no?

i know some people are still big fans of eric clapton – he’s a legend no doubt. but promoting his concert way before the actual gig can be a downer if anything happens to the artists’ mood swings. and then what?


politics is a boring subject, the majority will agree on. sarip is the least influential person he’d ever known in terms of political favour, but it is his interest. he liked it eversince someone, he forgotten whom (colin goh, maybe?), published the comic book “Goodbye Lee, Hello Goh!” or something like that. and then he loves Lat cartoons, where a lot of parady involving Malaysia’s politicans and politics were potrayed in his drawings. amusing it is, but also a defining message on how the politicians can affect our lives indirectly.

and who so has the most influence to the global structure than the united states itself. admit it or not, most of our lives depend on them. as we speak, more than half of the world’s products are either conceptualised, designed or produced by them. there is no denying of fact in that.

and so, nov 7th is an important day for the U.S., in fact for the whole world in consideration. this is the day, where the citizens will vote for the house and senate that controls the constitution. or something like that. what is more important – for everyone in fact – is that the republicans to be ousted out for the democrats to settle in. sarip does not know if the democrats will be better of for the fate of everyone, but at least he is reassuared that the slimeballs and the dirty politics of the republicans will not be continued.

sarip just hope for the best, for everyone, come november the 7th.


“look ma! genting!”

so, everyone is complaining about the haze. they all say cannot breathe lah, eyes pain lah, some say even cannot sleep! ayoyoyo…jialat like that. not the haze, but people’s reactions lor. either the people are so bo liao or i am THE bo liao one.

but then we should always look on the positive side. somemore sarip likes the haze. reasons being:-

1. he can smoke and not many people will comprain about the smoke.
2. he wakes up and look out of window thinking he is at cameroooooooon highlands.
3. he won’t feel paiseh wanting to smoke at food centres, with or without the yellow box cos everywer got smoke. haha so much for the anti smoking campaign.
4. not many people will want to go out so that means outside will have not many people cos they afraid the haze may choke them to death. that means more space for sarip!
5. suddenly cos of the haze, the sun rays donno why not that jialat. so thatta good.

but then if you kambingpuraans still cannot take smoke in yer eyes, make sure you spray …


this in your home. at least it’ll smell, “better”.

Something Vague

some things are still a mystery, no matter how many validations people will give.

1. i  don’t understand why companies like freitag are deemed as innovative and “cool” for using recycle products and sell its products at such a high price, when all along the karung guni man and apeks and aunties have improvised long ago. freitag has just finished building its shop (pictures) using recycled containers, and receiving high praise for it. it is commendable, but the rise of the “hip” factor bewilders me. i’ve seen a lot of foreign workers and vagrants living in those, but not once i’ve heard people shouts, “hip!” to them. i hope the hip crowd who paid $350 for a recycled bag care to explain this to me. thanks.

2. This is the fasting month. I went to Al-Mutaqqin mosque to perform the Friday prayers. During the sermon,  the Imam serves the attendees with the reminders of what is right and wrong, during this period. as usual lah. so he explains that consumption of food and drinks are not allowed and yada yada yada. fine, even though we’ve heard that countless of times. what strikes sarip was the amazing number of food stalls – right. in. front. of. the. mosque. all serving food and delicacies that attracts everyone. sarip does not understand. sermon says no consumption, why does the mosque facilitators allowed so many stalls to line up its driveway and selling food, lots of it, in the middle of the day?? are we going to war, and that is why people have to stack up food all the way till buka? the spectre of people, just minutes before attending the prayers, rushing and choosing and contemplating what to buy makes me confused.  sarip understands, people needs to operate businesses for income, fair enough. what he does not is the logic behind A LOT OF STALLS SERVING A LOT OF FOOD in the MIDDLE of the day IN A MOSQUE. please, sarip needs some clarification lah.

De Part Ed

pap pop pap pip dah 12 hari masuk bulan ramadhan. kadang kadang ni seram jugak tengok masa berlalu begitu pantas. dah rasa macam “instant” ramadhan kadang-kadang. tapi takper, insyallah semua amalan diafdalkan.


skarang ni mana mana kat itu bustop diaorang letak itu poster citer The Departed.

gua rasa ni hype pasal ni citer pasti takkan hancur lu punya harapan sumua! tak macam citer dongeng miami vice tuh kan. :>
dia nya barisan pelakon menakutkan. semua handal handal. ada mat damon, jack nicholson, martin sheen, marky mark dan macam macam lagi yang sewaktu dengannya. cuma yang gua hairan asal si sutradara martin scorsese tuh suka sangat si di capriak tuh lepas amik dia dalam gangs of new york sama the aviator. muse kah?

The Departed

tapi pada mereka yang belum tau apa kahpluak ni citer pasal,ni sarip ulaskan.

citer ni diambil dari citer hongkong tuh ‘internal affairs’ yang si andy lauk sama tony leung (oooooooo) lakon. yang first one bukan yang trilogy. pendekkan citer si dicapriak tuh kena jadi spy masuk dalam geng nicholson sementara si mat damon tuh kena spy plak kat si polis. jadi dua dua diaorang nye hidup jadi tonggak terbalik pasal takut identiti diaorang diketahui.

Mat Gaduh!

gua tahu lu nyah nama ada Matt, tapi lu jangan yek ngan gua ok!

Pendek kata – Bayek Cam Nak Mampos Pasti Puas Hati Walaupun Belum Tengok Lagi.

Yok Pergi Tengok!

how it ends

this is going to be short and sweet. (new mantra, lah)

1. curse your little heart if devotchka is not on the playlist.

curse your little heart

2. Little Miss Sunshine.

3. Prison Break is bayek cam nak mampos! Only thing is after Season 1, diaorang tak main lagi in that prison. So far is so good in Season 2. Hell, the scripwriters at FOX are incredible lah. Only if they don’t sensationalise their newscasters lah.