Uncivilised servant

another blardy good reason why i dislike being a civil servant.

a servant. don’t they get it? you’re a servant to the needs of someone who is only interested in their own interests. your words or actions count for nothing. you are just one of the many entities they can control whenever they want to. you are just a puppet. a puppet with strings attached till it leads to your own fated destiny. you may claim that the pay may be good, your future should be settled by being one of their employees, but think twice at the commands you are subjected to execute.

i hope surrounding yourselves with your posse around a harmless woman is one of the reasons why you and many others are so inclined to be in the force, or any other under the umbrella of the big daddy.

your lives and mine are different. your future as a civil servant may be brighter than mine. but, let’s put it this way, at least i do not have to be a servant.


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