occasionally, today paper churns out interesting articles, like this one. he puts into the point, what me and other muslims around the world have been asking about the current situation of muslim politics. the only surprising thing is that for a paper who dismissed one of its staffs for commenting on social issues, it actually prints this article for mass reading. possibly, the main reason behind this is due to the fact the writer is a foreigner. foreign talent must be good mah….

yawning bread gives out another excellent note on mediacork productions. it’s true and i doubt they will admit it, but most mediacorp productions spice up with a lot of shebangs in the promotion of the programmes, but ends up with little to ponder and more questions to burn. sesame street is more knowledgeable and in-depth in their programming as compared to these productions. best in asia my foot.

now, is it me or the death of steve irwin and the birth of the new japanese royal baby is but a pure coiincidence? you may never know.


One thought on “

  1. heya mr KD/SD,

    first up, twas a pleasure to have met u..even though i thought i’d never ever be able to meet u…coz u noe…u the elusive intelligent “mat” and all and won’t have this meet-the-bloggers fluff anywhere near ur Daily Matimetable.

    secondly, i am so *malu* at how i reacted to u tadi ok!! i bet u would prolly think im sum idiot which i so was….hmmm…so…okaylah..u HAVE the right to think that. i is idiot. it’s just that..u noe…aiyaah…this brings us to my third point so…

    thirdly, i am *still* a big fan and i *still* think u’re cute.

    and last but not least….i am glad i was the cause of ahem ahem (you) and ahem ahem (her).

    SO SWEEEEET aaah…cannot carry aah…

    and so…all the best for my darling ol’ fren and my favourite blogger now… šŸ™‚

    take care, u two!!

    and oh..be good, hor!!

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