Singapore nightmare

Singapore Dreaming”, a film produced by the creators of, is one damn depressing article.

This is not to say that the film is bad, at least, it is much better than any of Jack Neo’s films. It is the way in which it portrays the situation that familiarises everything to our own experiences. It feels real. It feels authentic, without any illusion of mirages. On the downside, the show got rather draggy right after the death of the head of the family, trying to fix in the puzzles that was not explained properly right at the beginning.

Of all the characters, I like Lim Yu Beng’s character the most. He always seems to bring a sense of calm and realness to his character. He plays a husband, who quit (possibly) his job from the army and renewed his career as an insurance salesman. Each time he tried to call his long lost friends, and trying to engage them with his services, you can feel his desperation, twisted with little hope and struggle. His moment in life came while engaging a conversation with a Mainland Chinese beer girl on what he should do to achieve something in his life. Ironically so, the advice given by the Mainland Chinese lady sums up what the whole movie is about.

The rest of the characters play typical struggling Singaporeans who dream of having it made in life, without achieving much. Somehow, their characters seem quite disjointed with very vague attributes. Possibly, there are too many characters for the creators to focus on. This is what should be done if the creators are to make another showcase. Possibly a spin off on Lim Yu Beng’s character. Maybe I am just bias, but I can relate most to his character as it is what the majority of us are experiencing.

And yes, as if this is the most engaging secret of all, money is the root of all evil. It does not matter how good your career path is leading to, or how much money you are raking in, or how successful your dreams are achieving, but if you are not ready to accept what is the best for you and those that surround you, nothing will ever satisfy your cravings. And then you will try to make up for lost time to try and strive for that faint hope, and in the end, if your spirit is not strong enough, you’ll just crumble and break down.

How’s that for a depressing state of life?


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