talk cock

it is teacher’s day t’day. the only happening reason why i love about this day is because all centres will be closed. good ‘ne.

to all those teachers who loves the job simply because they looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the spirit of teaching in moe schools, i have two words for you – get. real.

or better still, read this from the words of a frustrated one.

yesterday was malaysia’s 49th independence celebration. i am weird as evah, but i feel more for this celebration than stinkapura’s, for a) this independence celebration always reminded me that it marks the beginning of the end of blardy blittish colonial rule over malay land and b) that negaraku song is the beat that skipped my heart. i am malay like that.

maybe have something to do with my dad lah. all the time while i was growing up, the only news that he is interested are those in buletin utama and dunia jam 10 feat. ismeth. rarely i have seen him watching singapore news. i asked him why, and he’ll just go “ah, merepek ah berita singapore!”. i shrugged, he shrugged. the most funny thing is he’ll start comparing the condition between singapore and malaysia each time, and this is what buletin utama does best, a petty issue is sensationalised over the air. then he’ll go, “eleeeeeeeeeeeh, ni kalau kat singapore misti tak jadi cam gini….mana ada sistem diaorang tuh!” hah, the nerve of him to say such thing. and trust me 8 out of 10 malay singaporeans always compares and says the same thing. kapala sepunding ah they all. maciam mana kaum malayu mau maju?

imran johari’s act in last week’s talkingcock in parliament: we the citizen at the old parliament house was simply entertaining, especially to the references by malay singapore parents to their perception towards malaysia. i have no idea what had gone into these parents minds when the only thing all day that interests them in news and entertainment comes from there. it is somehow like a different dimension whenever their sons and daughters are venturing to there. anyways, you can view his performance here.

the other very very very very entertaining speakers on that night were of course assoc. prof kirpal singh (the turbanator) and ruby pan. someone in the commitee should take up Pro Kirpal Singh’s idea of making babies as a national service liao. and yes, ruby pan. she brought the house down. i guess by now hundreds of blog posts had been written about her wonderful skit. i just had to join the bandwagon on this one too and just possibly because she might be dissing towards daniel ong. that is good enough for me. don’t ask why, i just haiti hate anything about him.

mr brown has clips for both acts on his site.

mr alex yu of yawning bread skit was interesting until that bloke from the other side of house starts slamming on the bench and giggling while probing questions, parliament style. it was a nice surprise though.

the only downer of performance was from this doooode sam wu, who talks nonsensical about being gay and all. this was the guy, while in the toilet kept asking *his partner* how he looked like. with individuals like him around, i will always have to be on my tenterhooks, but that will be another story.

anyways, i was like searching for malay songs and it is so difficult to locate them. it used to be from irc to get them but let’s be honest with ourselves here – who the freak still irc nowadays?! and so my trail goes on and on and on just to find those melayu mp3s. i was like so looking for the headwind song segala mungkin. zainal abidin’s voice is tha bomb man in that song.

and so as life suppose to live it up, i came across this site that distributes the songs. very nice. it has p.ramlee’s, sudirman’s, zainal’s, jamal’s and m. nasir’s. live it up!


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