the day aftuhhhh

1. who will suria focus now as their “artis kebanggaan maaaalayu” ? tofik? those 4 clowns? or hady? possibly they can’t ignore any one of them, cos if they do it’ll be very “tak baik”. expect to see the hari raya spesel performance to be filled to the brim.

2. who in the world wrote that “wing” song? anyone who had a bone must have been frosted hearing the lyrics. it can eligibly enter itself as one of the cheesiest song, evah. hell, even the lyrics are not that o-rrr-iginal. then again, hady should not be dismayed. at least he has a chance to be the ambassador of red bull and not something that combines the word “big” and “gulp”. or maybe he’ll just do pizza hut. i can just imagine the tagline – had a hady?

3. can somebody tell gurmit singh that he. has. truly. lost. it. the only thing that comes out from his mouth are nonsensical shoutings that far more belong to the zoo than on stage. he can’t work the crowd, blurbs quotes that are rather worthless in value, tries to act cute without being funny and vice versa. i cannot think of anything else. too much maybe. but what i can say is he does not have it in him anymore. just. please. go. it is even worse when i do somehow felt that the songeh daniel ong is much better to host this on his own.

4. or why don’t they just bring back kui jian. i like him. and maybe others too.

5. why do people keep saying for the winner to do singapore proud? how in the world are they going to achieve that? by going to the united nations general assembly and do a headspin on condy rice? i doubt so. lest people forget, there are already better deserving artists that have made singapore proud, but without much appreciation and fanfare. you’ll do your math on this one.

6. sometimes, i still laugh at my own posts. yes, i am weird.

7. i like ja. (partly) cerebal and (mostly) visual. monosyllabic chit chatters have not appeared on tv for a long time. but then again, i would’ve prefer to have najib ali as one of the panel. oh, come on…najib always delivers.

8. it’s a boon that ryder cup has finally concluded. golf is never a tv spectacle. please.

9. can the bazaar please stop playing hip-hop induced malay songs? i beg u all, last we need after kmpngdsn’s englishment is the westernization of malay songs. raya songs in fact.

10. geylang still beats arab street by miles. hidup malayu!


Hugo Chavez is the word.

hero for the day belongs to hugo chavez, president of venezuela. he did what others don’t dare to do by officially labelling bushy bush a devil.

“The devil came here yesterday,” Chavez said, referring to Bush, who addressed the world body during its annual meeting Tuesday. “And it smells of sulfur still today.”

mr chavez, i admit i do not know much about venezuela. i do not know if things are well there. the only thing we, the world, understands about venezuela is that you blokes down there seem to produce damn fine contestants each year in beauty pageants. but then still i – and possibly billions of others – made you hero for the day is because YOU HAD THE BLARDY BALLS YO!

speaking of Yo’s and nigguh talk, I am going to brag about this series which just got downloaded recently. the series is called The Wire. it is about the lives of residents set around the baltimore area, focussing on the trials and tribulations between the drug lords, law enforcement and the people affected by both sides of the law. it is like city of god, set in a slower pace. 4 episodes into season 3, i still can’t figure out who is the main character. there are so many of them you cannot pinpoint who is the lead. the dialogue, however, is a real as it gets and the issues that they raised are pure and honest. this is a classic series, surpassing even that, to my opinion, the first season of the sopranos.

really, it is that good. buy it, dl it, anything anything you can get your hands on to it.

or, you can ask zlad! for some help. he is your darth vapouuurrr. haha.

Uncivilised servant

another blardy good reason why i dislike being a civil servant.

a servant. don’t they get it? you’re a servant to the needs of someone who is only interested in their own interests. your words or actions count for nothing. you are just one of the many entities they can control whenever they want to. you are just a puppet. a puppet with strings attached till it leads to your own fated destiny. you may claim that the pay may be good, your future should be settled by being one of their employees, but think twice at the commands you are subjected to execute.

i hope surrounding yourselves with your posse around a harmless woman is one of the reasons why you and many others are so inclined to be in the force, or any other under the umbrella of the big daddy.

your lives and mine are different. your future as a civil servant may be brighter than mine. but, let’s put it this way, at least i do not have to be a servant.

Aye Mmmm F

with headlines like this, imma having a field day.

Singapore Rebuked For Ban At Meeting
Singapore police bar World Bank poverty protesters
Singapore reversal ‘too little too late’
Singapore stance shocks IMF, World Bank
Singapore silences voiceless protesters
Bank slams Singapore crackdown
Singapore shift on IMF activists
Strategic retreat new tactic in Singapore protest
World Bank decries damage of NGO ban

we are chingapore, we are chingapore
we a nation whom the world thinks we are a bore
we are chingapore, we are chingapore
we always stand strong until got ang moh knocks the door

eh, dah kawin dar.

kepada fadz dan ecah, sarip ucapkan tahniah! ok camni cik fadz, jangan pakai baju putih serba serbi naik pentas kat fire disko nyanyi lagu foo fighters lagi, ok?

adalah lagi satu dua gambar kat itu flickr.


what will you do with $60 million?

1. provide research money on wong kang seng’s hair secret.
2. higher handle bars on bus seats so passengers can rest their necks.
3. organising imf/world bank conference for one week then kena criticised by the bank’s president himself for restricting so many things.

we first world! we do whatever bush wants us to do! even if one day he says stepping on your own flag is ok.

or vandalising your own flag.