hip hip hooray

H to the izz-O,
V to the izz-A,
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle,
he’s gonna play in Suntek CT aye?


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imma having fever since last weekend. strange fever this is, not as severe as my *normal* fever, but definately this is the longest. it has not died down yet and it’s freaking me out.

because of the condition, this doc did not give me the normal Paracetamol, but this muscle relaxant thingy wingy. i was, “yo! wassup wif da pill?!”

but the nurse forced me to live it up. so i swallowed. twice. and the next thing i can see are tinkerbells and hummingbirds flying beside me. man, this is almost as good as the morphine i received a few years back.

and i’ve been popping this thing for the past few days, for every four hours.


but don’t misunderstand. yes, i am a mat and mats always have a thing for freaky fetishes. i don’t know why. other than chandu, i figured most of the intoxicants here in singapore are started out by mats. glue lah, ganja lah, and now this subutex. they’re very innovative to get a kick when no one suspects of the item beforehand. hell, the might even drink petrol if the dire kicks in.

no one predicted subutex to be very class a until the mats make it very big recently. but as i say, mats being the ever innovative, they might stamp on these muscle relaxants as the new substance before anybody notices it. just, a reminder.


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