watching the emmy’s this morning and seeing 24, the office, the daily show with jon stewart and what nots picking up the prizes make a very exciting glee to my 39 degrees celsius body temperature. no, it is not a case of a geek (partly) who had nothing better to do, but it is just a thought for those mediacork executives who blatantly (as usual) declares itself as the home of the emmys when none, i say that, NONE of the shows it is showing NOW won anything significant. for those who saw the advertisements, mediacork unembarrasingly proclaimed will lost and desperate housewives sweep off the competition pronto. hellloooooooooooooooooo? don’t you guys at mediacork do your homework? lost and d.h. were not EVEN nominated for best series and so how could you say such a sentence? tch. this can result in a defamation suit tau for anyhow say one…

this is the atypical of singapore. size so small, but yet ego so big. we need to practice some humility, some perspective and not thinking we are capable to be the best in everything. confidence is one issue, hubris is another.

and speaking of humility, check this out:-

whoa. brad pitt kaper…


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