“hady was bulu roma ternaik awesome!!” – far

well done to that mat. though i do wonder how it’ll sound like if he sings…

“..kaulah satu satunya, club lagenda….”

perpectively, that will be more appropriate for today’s concept, betol tak?

now with all the hady mania, i wonder what will happen to the taufik’s (sic!)angels. ya know the clad-in-white *bitches* (hic!) who dressed up in whatnots during the last time round?

anyway, hady’s dad mee reboost is bayek. a true ang mo kio malay institution. or so. oh well.

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2 thoughts on ““hady was bulu roma ternaik awesome!!” – far

  1. his dad really sell me rebus eh? was just elling someone good mee soto and mee rebus are hard to find nowadays..so where’s the stall? which part of AMK?


    dont worry, am neither going to stalk hady or his dad. just want to eat mee rebus. not a big fan of hady.

    eventho hady wasn not bad last night on sgidol.

  2. i prefer the mee soto tho… and the sate…. sometimes… i can go there 2 times in a week just to eat the mee soto… and its still cheap too…

    its at ang mo kio central market hawker centre. near the new banquet. yunos ahmad stall. hehehe…

    btw, sarip… u got the sms abt the bbq tak? u joining??

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