the talented mr rip-lee

1. so mr lee ah, if i no talent but i overseas how ah? u will still want me or not?

2. worse, if i no talent and STILL in singapore, got any chance of me being deported or not?

3. by declaring to the national public, can we talk cock and sing song further now without having our tongues AND fingers slashed?

4. or isit just a move so that you can be more appreciated to the intuhnet public ever since we all knew how hectic snakes on a plane was?

5. but then u say last time you want singabore to be a more of an open society so you want people to speak up more but somehow because of that someone kena fired. so what leh?

6. how come that time you guys mention publicly about donating $50000 to the lebanon crisis but no mention how much in actual fact singabore spent on the fireworks?

7. now national stadium closed down, where you gonna do the ndp parade for these 4 years (excluding the padang)?

8. how come you pointing your finger like shooting a pistol one? shoot who leh?

9. who created subutex ah? and while at that topic, what happened to the yishun horsepeetal?

10. in regards to the question posed, i know the answer! it is “The Maid!” cos those singaporeans still in singapore with little or no skills are only maids to everyone. little appreciated but needed urgently everytime. then if go against the *boss*, kena abused jialat jialat, cos “employer” think maid all stupid and useless but then cannot do without them. Posted by Picasa

and of course i wanna go for this one! yeay!

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One thought on “the talented mr rip-lee

  1. sarip sarip…haven been here fer quite a while.n ive missed so much. nevertheless this site stil rocks and never fails to tickle. *thumbs up*

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