hit him for all you want, sarip does not care.

he has been converted. for the better or worse, he won’t know.

it took him time and lots of self humility and the burst of a huge ego to finally settle on the ark.

the ark that is singapore idol. not in a sarcastic way as what sarip normally loves to do, but in a very entertaining perspective.

and believe him, he really wants joakim to win. he really does. yes, he really fuckin’ does.


who cares about the voice? when was the last time you really love a song with a beautiful voice? ziana zain does not count here. each time sarip’s dad turns on his karaoke and played ziana’s songs, sarip goes bonkers. simply because 90% of her singing will consist of utter screaming. yes, screaming, but the people lapped it up because they figured out loud voices that increases too 1000 decibels is related to be a good singing voice. no sirree here according to sarip. this millenia, we don’t care about the quality of the voice. we want honesty. yes, honesty. even if you cannot sing well, the least you can do is to try. not some obnoxious singer who knows that their pitch can make a fork bend. the population had moved on from there.

so i want joakim to win. yes. if snakes can take over a plane, joakim can take over the plain.


One thought on “iDOL

  1. yes yes, agree.
    if dats the nasib that we’re gonna face,
    (i have no intention of changing that, i love my money too much)
    the fate that either joakim or paul will be at final two. i rather have joakim, at least he looks presentable

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