middle yeast

has not the israel government realised, that the majority of the population in the southern part of lebanon consists mainly of christians, and not the targetted nasrallah’s men?

maybe they’re looking for mel gibson’s remaining bootleg copies of the passion.

or maybe they’re trying to locate this illustrator. birdbrain officials sometimes cannot take a joke for a piss.

if you think shoulder pads or singing contests are over rated, let me suggest that *terrorism* is the muther of all.

someone should send the 4 million smiles commitee to the middle east.

or sending joakim gomez as the sacrificial lamb. just because.

maybe, that’ll end all, peace all.


and please no, stop sending smses and chain mails that consists of doa this and doa that is kind of irritating. worst, the message always ends with “please send this to 5 more people or else something big like the end of the world is gonna to happen”. if you wanna give a doa, just give it out. these are doas we are talking about, not amway by-products.


2 thoughts on “middle yeast

  1. think out of the box.. if there are no one willing to spend a min to pray for these people and spread the message around dont u think the world will end? its ironic.. the world is ending but yet humans like you and me still play ignorance.. what u do before it ends that matters….

  2. this is ironic. if i am thinking within the box, i would’ve sucummbed to these chain mails and smses, don’t you think so?

    thinking out of the box in this context, to my believe, is to take a look at the intention of these chain mails and smes and the hypocricy of it when it “apparently” puts up a message at the end of it to spread it to others. now, do you force these other people to perform the doa? doas, as far as i am acknowledged of, comes from within yourself, and if you being noted from these chains and with the intensity of spreading it to others without knowing who sent it in the first place is just a popular cultural phenomenon that goes with the main flow of things.

    now how do you judge this when knowing all in fact along, that it is one’s duty to act it upon oneself in the first place? spreading the message is good, but if you are to witness, this trend of convenient chain doas are thriving and it makes you wonder too – if the doa is that valuable, do you delete it off when the current event subsides and if you do is it wrong to just delete it off? and if you don’t and you carry your mobile to the washroom, is it still wrong to carry it with you?

    if this is not out of the box, what is then?

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