Hougang Buttoned

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Hougang Buttoned, originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

just when you thought you’ve seen everything from BH, this happened. haha!

button menang di hougang!

i don’t know how the reporter can relate hungary with hougang. dyslexic the reporter maybe not, how could it be? 2 syllabus against 3! possibly the reporter / editor says out his/her words while typing.”hhuuuuuuuuuwwwgang.” – sort of like a shortcut method, i reckon.

now the singabore authorities need not look further if they were to organise an f1 event here on this island. scrap the idea of having the race along the city area, do it here – at hougang! it’ll be the *next* monte carlo circuit, YAY!

simi ow gang kia?!
bo lei, wo hungary!
lanciau ni hungry?!



wonderful piece of an interview of one of my heroes.


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