We are Singabore

why i hate to stay in singapore:-

1. it’s the only country in the world, or maybe the universe, that increases its fares *periodically* when its profits increases year after year after year.

2. it’s population go crazy for it’s fireworks as an excuse to be patriotic to the nation. bah.

3. it forces residents to pay for upgrading works when the town councils has funds that do not know where it goes to.

4. the media produces mind numbing shows and proclaims it is the best in asia when in actual fact it also produces the award shows in its home turf to give it to themselves. talk about giving a pat on the back.

5. the weather is hot AND humid. but the people still dressed dressed up like they are residing in belfast.

6. 66.6% of its people have little, guts.

7. it forces its 4 million people to smile whenever a big convention is being held here.

8. they covert westerners or atas foreigners more than its people and employs them for high position posts when similar capable locals can do it and then complains to the media why its locals do not want to take up jobs as cashiers and other low-level service jobs.

9. most of its people are not allowed to speak up.

10. it feels disgusted to know that its history was modernised by a swindling englishman who tricked a stupid as hell melayu sultan who should not be even called one.

to summarise, living in singabore can be summed up like this:-

image courtesy of talking cock.


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