My Best Friend’s Wedding

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there was once, while sitting at the void deck of my block, where he asked what life is all about. we were 22. and at that moment, i can see that he’d changed as a whole. lesser were seen of the yesteryears when he will do the para para hand dance at hyper speed, or lying stoned drunk under the LOVE sculpture. he’d changed, and moved on.

i met him first about 10 years ago, and the friendship strucked from there onwards. we travelled, gave encouragement and advises, and shared experiences through laughter and whatnots.

i remember him as one of those “real janji melayu” types. you know, the ones who said he’d arrived at 1 but actually will appear at 2. once bogey was quite mad because of this; that will be another story. i remember, when i used to head over to his place @ dover road, to hang out, when i don’t feel like going home. i remember the time, when my dad’s arowana committed suicide because it saw him – that mystery never seem to unravel itself till this day.

someone once said, a good friend is not one you spent time most with, but how it was spent with. you’ve come this far, and entering this new phase of life, we wish you all the best, and may God guide you well.

some pixs are here.


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