hello kids!

tell your mommy and daddy and your berita harian forum that slayer will be coming to town. tell them that this will be very educational and time fulfilling. there’ll be lots of fun filled events for the whole family!

and it has come to a point whereby singapore idol is fuckingly irritating. what’s the point? all of them will mostly vote for the *oh! he’s so cute but can’t sing well!* category. give me a break. i dont even understand why people are still intrigued by it. are the people to *dumb* to realise that this competition, or the lack of, is a farce? it is an open debate to point the finger either at mediacork for producing this show or the public themselves who craves for mind-numbing shows. and it is an open secret anyway that the winner for this year will not be signed as a recording artist for bmg. so, what’s with all the hooblabla?

come on! scrap this programme, or any other reality talentimes. we must realise to a point of time whereby real musical talent won’t come up by singing other people’s songs and *trying* to act cute infront of the camera.

on that note, give me the pussycat dolls anytime, anyday. heh.


3 thoughts on “SLAYER IS COMING.

  1. Its clear that Mediacock have “shortlisted” 2 person for the Finals and the others arejust good-looking people who can sing a bit to fill up the empty spaces!

  2. *grovel*grovel*

    fucken stoopid kids with handphones, who’s bills mummy and daddy are paying for…knn.

    obvious beyond obvious, grp 1 (with hady, mathilda and jonathan) were WAYY better singers.

    Jo Kim, Jasmine, Nurul, AIYO..please vamoose.

    SING SING IDOL shd ABOLISH voting system. bah!

    *ok, grovel over*

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