siamese dreams

the world cup may be over, but someone was asking what if a siamese twin were to play in a football match. fascinating insights were put up such as:-

1) Could one take a penalty as the other player would be ‘encroaching’ in the area?

2) If one is sent off, would they have to stay on the pitch but not touch the ball? If so they could they still be in the wall at free kicks?

3) What happens if one is substituted?

4) Would they be allowed to contend ‘drop balls’?

5) Could one of them be transferred?

6) If one is a goalie and the other a defender presumably the opposing team could never be offside?

7) Would all their sexual encounters be technically a roasting?

If they are considered to be one player, and one a non player:

1) Would the non playing twin have to be covered in sticky tape like a wedding ring (as presumably if they could be removed they would have done so already)?

2) Would they non-player have to wear boots, kit and shinpads, or jeans and a t-shirt?

3) Is it a foul to kick the non-playing twin?

4) What would happen if the non playing twin takes performance enhancing drugs


how to play soduku without even thinking especially for people like me who dislikes to think a lot while acting as the best mat receptionist in the world for the rest of the day.

and while we are talking about that, why not we indulge in some kiddie tv since i am surrounded by them as we
speak. *argh*

but the yo gabba gabba song is infectious i might add.


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