haha. it gives me much pleasure to see that sod cry.

divers, moaners and cheaters don’t deserve, DESERVE!, to be in the final.


as for the final, i rather not let out who’ll nick it but do observe the following,

1970 Mexico – Lost
1982 Spain – Won
1994 USA – Lost
2006 Germany – Win?

scary mary that pattern shows, kan?

the irony of the gamesmanship ethic is that players, like that of the fake ronaldo, are taking advantage of the situation to tarnish the game. i hope someone takes a stand on this. if the player is down and wailing like a lapdog, let their own team mates let the ball out of play and play will resume with the opposing team regaining the ball back. only then will we see if the player is really acting or not. makes a whole lotta sense, doesn’t it?

ok rant over.


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