just a reminder…

…the T-shirt-and-jean uniform is now so ubiquitous that its anti-establishment credentials are shot. For young rockers, bespoke is the new rebel yell. That means gorgeous fabrics, French-cuffed shirts, mother-of-pearl buttons, and jackets with surgeon’s sleeves…

thom browne

ah yes, dress shirts. wear your clothes, not just because of the brand. bespoke is the way to go. it is sad to be obsessed with a particular brand of a product just because and not know why or how the product is made. *snobs!*

but it is so sad to people who are so obsessed with clothings, but yet still look, dowdy. and a fine example is – still me! hehe. but then i love threads, how they define the structure of the weavings and what nots, the procedures these people take care of it and a visual display to ogle at.

but remember, bespoke is the way to go. we’re going back to the time where men go to their personal tailors to have their clothes made.

and i do adore my tailor. :}

sometimes, i just want to hang the pieces and not wear them at all. i have this tendency to make a product unworkable once i touch them. i don’t know why.

so there.


2 thoughts on “just a reminder…

  1. ‘Bespoke’ is actually a term which dates from the 17th century, when tailors held the full lengths of cloth in their premises.

    When a customer chose a length of material, it was said to have “been spoken for”. Hence a tailor who makes your clothes individually, to your specific personal requirements, is called “bespoke”. This is unlike “made-to-measure”, which simply uses a basic, pre-existing template pattern, which is then adjusted to roughly your individual measurements.

    – English Cut

    i do love the bespoke 45 rpm jeans. http://www.45rpm.jp/denim/detail.jsp?id=014


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