seventy four, seventy yeight

this time, there’s no virus or murderous monkeys. and the only zombie is himself.


BUT! i love this book about the beatles’ revolver. i love the internet.

no seditious remarks here, but i think mel gibson is correct. drunk or not.


Questions for the day.

1. how the fuck can taxi operators justify the main reason for increased fares is due to rising costs when the papers reported today that diesel prices has been “stabilising” over the past few months?

2. will the world ever ever EVER take any action against the israelistes army for destroying another country, even so with alleged arab ah bengs striking them first?

3. where in the world can i find pallas jazz shoes?

oh look! there’s justincredible!

don’t cry me a river for this neil barrett shirt.

burn baby burn

there is this nyonya eatery at bishan located at the end of its interchange, next to mcdonalds. i won’t know how long it’s been there, but what i can acknowledge is that the food there is damn bloody good. very peranakkan style, and light on consumption. they have this technique of making a good fried rice. this is something new to me. you cook the rice, fridge it overnight and fry the damn thing at a very high temperature for 3 minutes. the idea here is to not let the rice become sticky and so forth.

each time i proceed to the bishan centre, i would go there for lunch. without fail. enjoying the dish, i was a bit disturbed when i realised that, lo and behold, the hungry ghost festival had just started. custard! albert told me that this year will be a bit *worse* since this is the leap year in the chinese calender. this year’s festival will run for 2 damn blardy months. DOUBLE CUSTARD! as if having litter and ash and getai shows running for one month is unbearable, i’m trying to sink in the idea of having two.

but in a way of not getting defamed for disturbing this racial harmony thingamagic we have here in kambingpura, i’ll try not to instigate more hatred. furthermore, this IS company time and i’m writing this blog and surfing looking at that cute ms japan first-runner-up-ms-universe-whatchamalit. kurara cheeeeeeebana HAAAAAAAAAAIT!

so, in good spirits i’m trying to be positive due to this unfortunate circumstance of having 2 months worth of burn and ash and bad singing in open fields late into the nights. thus i am looking this in the point of view as a smoker and relates how these two are similar to each other. as a smoker, but a reduced one but still loves his fags, i cannot but stop noticing that it is a hassle that smoking is now not allowed at foodplaces. smokers know that the best time to smoke IS after eating. YEAH! especially after you ate that hot and spicy meal and you then light up a stick and the smoke just caress your tongue and rush into your nasal pipes, a feeling of a slight burn, pepperish to a slight. that, that is the sensation you feel which may not materialise much at eateries nowadays. or, how about having a cuppa, chilled or hot, and with the slight taste of cocoa still lingers in your tastebuds, the slight burning sensation rushes in to fill your lungs. oh, the sensation!

but as a kambingpuraian,i do understand the need for the ban in smoking at eateries. people cannot eat properly if smokers linger around because medical reports state that secondhand smoke is not healthy (as if). BUT! it is ok for eateries to be located by the roadsides with heavy traffic and buses burning with bad diesel and emitting black smoke. or it’s still ok for eateries to serve super fat food that clog up the arteries and build up the cholesterol level. that is all ok, but smoking? oh nah…that is highly dangerous.

i do not want to invoke old stories into new ones. gotta live and let live with it.

i do have a suggestion though. a brilliant one that is.

here it is.

in conjuction with the hungry ghost burning festival, may i suggest to the authorities that we have a smoking month every year? not to worry, we smokers do not have any leap years. one month will suffice. i don’t see how this is bad for everyone, when we have people burning stuffs here, there and everywhere. get the cue here?

i promise i won’t punch any mps if this does not pass through like what happened with that uncle from amk. though i do have this temptation of using this – the tampon shooter.

now bite that!

ooops, boss is coming.


fashion icons come and go. but one thing is always relevant – them have style and substance. it used to be the look of marc jacobs’, but it is now the era of michael bastian.

cue – small rolled up sleeves till the elbow level and slim pants that look like jeans and a little weeny belt.

darn, im a fashion victim who still could not make it.

by the way, the pictures are from the satorialist. fab blog that one.

pitchfork has this interesting bit on the best 100 videos. nice one. can view this till death when imma at werk. yeay!

berita hangat urtv edisi 35467859


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ketiak rupanya yang diidamkan. mungkin slogan datuk k itu sebenarnya bukan khalid, tetapi ah tau menahu lah eh.

tapi mak datuk, ini berita sampai lebih penting dari krisis timur tengah sama malapetaka tsunami di indonesia sampai dia nya headliner.


“oh tidak, jangan hiraukan cerita kisah lampau itu. apa gunanya tak, walaupun kita adalah naskhah utama dan tunggal, kita diingatkan selalu bahawa kita tidak boleh kisahkan berita yang boleh mempamerkan kesokongan kita kepada umat kita sendiri atas dasar-dasar satu kambing di kambingpura ini…”

“jadi apa kita patut kita letak boss?”

“ko panggil si saodah tuh suruh bikin pasal kes ketiak tuh.”

ok dah itu ajer.

berita harian, berita hairan….

ah ada lagi satu kes. yey! ni lagi pasal berita hairan tuh. cerita ni dah lama, tapi takper. time piala dunia yang lalu tuh, diaorang ada laporkan ni cerita pasal pemain bola sepak yang berugama islam. antaranya dia letak itu zidane, riberry, cisse, van persie dan bouhlamrouz. apa dia cakap? “ah kita patut perhatikan pemain2 ini sebagai inspirasi” dengan alasan mereka berugama islam. eh berita harian nih. mentang2 diaorang dari negara omputih, kita kena tengok diaorang sebagai inspirasi? insspirasi pasal apa beb? kita sendiri tau yang si zidane tak mengamalkannya, cisse bikin kawin dia kat gereja, van persie time sebelum piala dunia kena disoal siasat pasal kes rogol, ah macam macam lagi lah. kalau bh “merekomendasikan” yang pemain2 berikut adalah kes contoh untuk kita semua, tidakkah ini kisah kes talam dua muka?

apasal tidak. selalukan kita baca kat diaorang nye akhbar slalu mengkritikan kes kes pemuda kita yang *rosak akhlaknya*. kes kupu kupu seks dalam kereta, kes muda mudi joli joli, kes penagih dadah. slalu kan kita baca ni semua? pada pendapat saya, kes ni semua dah jelak dibaca sehinggakan naik meluat membaca reaksi laporan ini semua. bukan meluat akan kes kes itu, tetapi kepada wartawan-wartawan di akhbar itu kerana sering melaporkan cerita berikut atas dasar dasar sensasi dan popular.

dan kini bila mereka dapat tahu yang pemain bolasepak di piala dunia adalah umat islam, mereka sanjungkan pemain pemain yang disebutkan begini dengan satu laporan besar besaran. apa ini? saya bayangkan jikalau ada satu mat yang menjadi pemain berkualiti di arena antarabangsa, jikalau beliau mempunyai *akhlak yang rendah* pasti beliau akan dikutuk oleh kebanyakkan masyarakat disini. tetapi, jikalau zidane menjaringkan gol walaupun lepas beliau sendiri mendedahkan bahawa beliau tidak mengamalkannya, mesti ada mereka yang akan cakap “eh dia islam tau! wow!”.

macam kelakarkan pujian diberi kepada owang putih? apa yang saya tak happy ni ialah pabila nama nama terkenal ni dilaporkan sebagai penganut islam kita sanjungkan mereka walaupun kita sedari yang mereka tidak mengamalkannya. tetapi pabila mat dan minah kita sendiri jikalau membuat nama dia arena antarabangsa, mereka akan dikritik jikalau tidak mempamerkan akhlak yang diingini. dah macam tep rosak plak gua.