Missing The Football Big Time…

I couldn’t agree more with Steve P in yesterday’s mailbox. Brilliantly put. Having religiously got up at 4am for the past two weeks here in Australia to firstly watch a fast-forwarded version of the 1am game before settling down to breakfast and the live 5am game, I now find myself strangely searching for things to do during these ungodly hours. I found myself on a cycling machine in the gym this morning at 6am out of sheer confusion and disorientation. Now I know why hamsters pass the time the way they do.

Macca, Sydney

haha. it is hard to imagine how it’ll be like when the tournament ends.

but then germany vs the argies should, MUST, be a classic. but i hope it won’t turn out like the final of 1990. i would love the men in those cute baby blue and white stripes to win, but then whenever i hope a team to do well, the opposite happens. son of a b.

but really, who do i want to win?

ireland!!! heh.


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