who needs more threads?

1. sometimes too much information is bad for you.

2. before the advent of the intuhnet, we have to source ourselves like *mad* to seek *things* that we want. *things* in this casw is referred to as *clothes & accessories*.

3. i thought i got too much *things* these past 2 months. yes, the list is still there for it to be striked off, but resistance is futile! hah!

3. and so look at what the asylum had in store from today.

4. fred perry’s limited edition Blank Canvas collection. it’s just oh-so-recently that this was featured in super future, i guess, and now it’s here.

5. i dig those ann siang hill stores. they are evil with temptations, though.

6. but fred perry’s are damn nice.

7. no?

8. for skinheads you mean? well, skinheads are still stylo mylo. ah-huh.

9. yes?

10. KA-CHOW!


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