turn right to turn left

1. pixar movies are always fulfilling. though i may not be certain now that it has gone fully under the wing of disney. those fairy talers bastards. but then, cars was still very nice. the cgi was magnificent, and the storyline was tight.

2. even though after awhile, you can predict the characters which appear in pixar’s (or dreamwork’s) feature.

3. guido was, to me and the f&%^#&$^$ irritating toddlers (breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in sarip), the quirkest character of the lot. c’mon, who would not laugh when he cries ‘pit stop!’ and changed those tyres in record time.

4. if not for guido, i doubt i’d take a ‘pit stop!’ and would’ve strangled that kid behind me with any empty popcorn holder. or from any of the scenes from ‘the cannibal holocust’. blardy irritating kid who can’t keep the mouth shut.


5. and i was surrounded. by lots of them.

6. ‘pit stop’ is the new ‘serenity now’.

7. mack and the tow mater i like too. i didn’t know the voice of the latter is from larry the cable guy. strange fella he is. and yes, do wait for the credits to roll. mack has the best lines in the movie.

8. i guess the reason behind mack’s dialogue is to remind the audience the upcoming backlash of disney’s influence for its future features. you’ll get it.

9. and now begins the resuscitation of a new hobby. pixar collectibles. darn it.

10. boo!


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