don’t kerai for me argentina-aaah

1. that juan riquelme is pure class.

2. dat 1986 argie jersey maradona is wearing is damn nice lah, second ony to the one worn by the old soviet union with CCCP emblazoned across the chest.

3. maradona is better than pele. end of comparison.

4. i dont like teams adorned by nike. and that includes brazil. nike teams are usually more about marketing hype than its football sense. go figure.

5. juan.roman.riquelme.

6. peter crouch not doing the robo dance after scoring is a mystery. he’s crap anyway. if he got better at heading he’d score so many more goals. someone needs to sit down with him and go, “look, the only reason you’re in this team is because you’re absurdly tall, so learn to head the bloody ball.”

7. and same goes to that fat frank.

8. i hope brazil get kicked out. badly.

9. but then teams i dont like usually win the blardy thing.

10. i wonder whatever happened to Goal 2010.

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