Missing The Football Big Time…

I couldn’t agree more with Steve P in yesterday’s mailbox. Brilliantly put. Having religiously got up at 4am for the past two weeks here in Australia to firstly watch a fast-forwarded version of the 1am game before settling down to breakfast and the live 5am game, I now find myself strangely searching for things to do during these ungodly hours. I found myself on a cycling machine in the gym this morning at 6am out of sheer confusion and disorientation. Now I know why hamsters pass the time the way they do.

Macca, Sydney

haha. it is hard to imagine how it’ll be like when the tournament ends.

but then germany vs the argies should, MUST, be a classic. but i hope it won’t turn out like the final of 1990. i would love the men in those cute baby blue and white stripes to win, but then whenever i hope a team to do well, the opposite happens. son of a b.

but really, who do i want to win?

ireland!!! heh.



1. someone has to ponder what the air is like in sweden.

2. for its uncanny ability to churn out good music.

3. last after mr jens, now comes mr gonzalez.

4. if you like mr beam’s, mr seven swans’ and koc’s, you’ll love his too.

5. site. myspace. advert video. video 1. video 2. now, i feel like a groupie.

6. there’ll be only one place to catch superman.

7. and it’s a super venue.

8. so jakun, ‘cos it’ll be my first time there.

9. spank me for that. heh.


who needs more threads?

1. sometimes too much information is bad for you.

2. before the advent of the intuhnet, we have to source ourselves like *mad* to seek *things* that we want. *things* in this casw is referred to as *clothes & accessories*.

3. i thought i got too much *things* these past 2 months. yes, the list is still there for it to be striked off, but resistance is futile! hah!

3. and so look at what the asylum had in store from today.

4. fred perry’s limited edition Blank Canvas collection. it’s just oh-so-recently that this was featured in super future, i guess, and now it’s here.

5. i dig those ann siang hill stores. they are evil with temptations, though.

6. but fred perry’s are damn nice.

7. no?

8. for skinheads you mean? well, skinheads are still stylo mylo. ah-huh.

9. yes?

10. KA-CHOW!

turn right to turn left

1. pixar movies are always fulfilling. though i may not be certain now that it has gone fully under the wing of disney. those fairy talers bastards. but then, cars was still very nice. the cgi was magnificent, and the storyline was tight.

2. even though after awhile, you can predict the characters which appear in pixar’s (or dreamwork’s) feature.

3. guido was, to me and the f&%^#&$^$ irritating toddlers (breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in sarip), the quirkest character of the lot. c’mon, who would not laugh when he cries ‘pit stop!’ and changed those tyres in record time.

4. if not for guido, i doubt i’d take a ‘pit stop!’ and would’ve strangled that kid behind me with any empty popcorn holder. or from any of the scenes from ‘the cannibal holocust’. blardy irritating kid who can’t keep the mouth shut.


5. and i was surrounded. by lots of them.

6. ‘pit stop’ is the new ‘serenity now’.

7. mack and the tow mater i like too. i didn’t know the voice of the latter is from larry the cable guy. strange fella he is. and yes, do wait for the credits to roll. mack has the best lines in the movie.

8. i guess the reason behind mack’s dialogue is to remind the audience the upcoming backlash of disney’s influence for its future features. you’ll get it.

9. and now begins the resuscitation of a new hobby. pixar collectibles. darn it.

10. boo!

we (l) world cup!

…Watching football with my girlfriend on Sunday I was talking about exactly where I was going to watch England’s next game, my girlfriend asked “So who do we play next then?”

I said that our next game was on Thursday against Trinidad & Tobago to which she replied with a puzzled look on her face, “what, both of them?”.
Mark ‘TAAAXI for my girlfriend’ Campbell

…My receptionist – “When are england playing next?”

Me – “Tomorrow morning, 2am”

Receptionist – “Who against?”

Me – “Trinidad and Tobago”

Receptionist ‘ “TWO GAMES?”

Michael Bickers

…I was out having a smoke after the games on Saturday, when I heard a great exchange between two random drunken birds which went as follows.

Random bird one: “Did you see any of the football today?”

Random bird two: “No, why? Who won?”

Random bird one: “England beat Sweden, and Trinidad drew with Tobago”

Just brilliant
Barry from Dublin

more here.

don’t kerai for me argentina-aaah

1. that juan riquelme is pure class.

2. dat 1986 argie jersey maradona is wearing is damn nice lah, second ony to the one worn by the old soviet union with CCCP emblazoned across the chest.

3. maradona is better than pele. end of comparison.

4. i dont like teams adorned by nike. and that includes brazil. nike teams are usually more about marketing hype than its football sense. go figure.

5. juan.roman.riquelme.

6. peter crouch not doing the robo dance after scoring is a mystery. he’s crap anyway. if he got better at heading he’d score so many more goals. someone needs to sit down with him and go, “look, the only reason you’re in this team is because you’re absurdly tall, so learn to head the bloody ball.”

7. and same goes to that fat frank.

8. i hope brazil get kicked out. badly.

9. but then teams i dont like usually win the blardy thing.

10. i wonder whatever happened to Goal 2010.

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