the aftermath

i hope you are happy, you 66.6% people.

you civil servants who are afraid of not having a proper future by going against the incumbent. [updated: well, i heard of news a teacher been terminated because of something related to GE.]

you pre-65ers who doesn’t give a damn on the current situation and just relying on past records.

you, yes you, the pakcik with the white songkok who dances like a freak everytime the results are announced in your favour. you. make. me. sick.

and of course, you so called indie kids who comes with a pap mentality.

boo hoo.

i am not a rebel. i don’t like to. but if the situation is dire, and the picture is damn bloody big for you not to see, then something must be very wrong.

but kudos, must be especially be given to you potong pasirians. i admire your guts. furthermore, guts that comes along with sensibility, honour and pride. long live to you all. it doesn’t hurt if the resident is cute and damn powerkedemak.

in the meantime, it’s back to the matrix all over again…

updated mated: how apt. JG kena apprehended owedi.

Dear Gomez,

You can say thank you to 2/3 of S’pore for your plight. It’s not PAP or the Lees that put you through this despicable ordeal. it’s US, S’poreans that push you down the road to bankruptcy, forced immigration and most probably…a criminal record too.

Economic prosperity can dull a group of people sense of injustice. Proven over and over again with time.

I ‘ve only one thing for the likes of Gomez and CSJ wannabes, GIVE UP!! U IDIOTs!! It’s not worth it.

~an accomplice~


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