these are the hours

papa and me we talking what should we do for tomorrow. mom had decided what she wanted, but well, she’s like that. papa was still incensed that he still cannot receive his daily dose of tv3 here in howwwgang. he should’ve brought that subject up to the electoral candidates here i joked; you can just feel his frustration. :]

then a subject cropped up. we were looking at the gahmen’s manifesto. and true enough it striked a chord.

asians, generally speaking, use their right hand to eat, shake hands, anything that is noble to be done upon. it is “deemed” to be the respectful hand. or in other words thereotically speaking, Tha Good One. the left one, if i were just to summarise in a simpler way, is to “cebok”, in a minute way be considered as “dirrty”. these are but just assumptions, passed from the old to the young. i guess everyone can identify with this. no?

and some of my heroes love to wave their right hand when something euphoric happens, or to just deliver a point.

take for example, mr alan shearer.

look at that. such pleasure can be seen each time the right hand is raised, each time after he scores. i don’t know what it means by doing that, but it seems to say, “Yes! i’ve scored! and we’ll win!”

then, the late mr david marshall.

by looking at that, it shows an aura of confidence. noble to a certain extent. and any man who does a good pipe gets the respect from me. don’t ask why. but still, it’s just an assumption. we will never know why he raised up the right hand. oh well.

and then papa and i were looking at this, and bewildered as to what to conclude.

as prison got no broadband and continuation downloads of 24 and lost, i shall not comment as to why *that* was raised.

still on the election front (oh so exciting!), i read this.

If Aljunied GRC falls to the WP, it will be ‘dismal like Hougang’

After his walkabout with his GRC team at Hougang Mall, Foreign Minister George Yeo warned that if the Workers’ Party wins in Aljunied GRC, Aljunied will be ‘dismal like Hougang, … in terms of upgrading, physical appearance, cleanliness, orderliness, in terms of level of business opportunities, even in terms of property prices’.

it made me wonder once more. my precinct had already undergone the upgrading project, – nice to look at (for the moment) thank you very much – so what else is there to be done more to my side sir? can i have automated lightings that can turn on/off just by clapping my hands? it’ll be uber wonderful if that can be achieved. i hope you are considering this while attending the charity event at mediacorp studios while the rest of your opponents are driving the people to passionistic(?!) sensations.

in a few more hours, in a few more hours all the good things in life that me, papa, and residents alike had experienced will be put back into place again. i will miss those nights, mingling with the rest, soaking in the atmosphere, and liberating my thoughts and sentiments.

i just hope, everything will go fine later and even getting flaked at the last minute of not going to geeyook will not deter this anticipation of what could be the most important hours in the defination of this country. my country, your country, our country.

i love you singapore, and i hope you’ll love us too.

good night, and good luck. :]


2 thoughts on “these are the hours

  1. Don’t need prediction as which party gonna win…It doesn’t make any difference.Nampaknya harga rokok akan meningkat lagi……

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