fever pitch muddy

checksea fc last time was a normal club. got many people like them. how not to like? got hoolit play, got gola play, then got this frenchie guy labawoof oso. they play stylo mylo. attractive and play to the heart one. and so almost everyone like them. except to that kenny bate guy lor. he chairman ugry for power. so as years go buy, sentiments grow on them. more and more people like, even though they win little. then under viallak period in 97, they won the effa cup. first time they won something after so long since i think osgood and greavsie days. that time first time they win, everyone happy, cos they win fair square one. no accuse accuse, no say bad things to other people. they just let the feet do the talking. end of day, everyone happy.

then suddenly, got russian fella took over the club. suddenly, money coming in like no tomorrow. they suddenly become vair good, good until win title back to back with vair high points one. at first people thought ok, nehmind, cos the chief in charge ranierak vair humble one. no accuse accuse, no pinpointing when make mistake. but then they say win is everything, so he kena throw out. come in this makrinho. he vair professional, perfectionist and can fill up forms vair well one. best still, he can deliver the title. his team so good, beat everybody backside like nobody business. and cos of that, his head grow vair big. he start to say things to people to make people angry. he know he has the power, so he like to play mind games on other manager. and the weak manager when hear what he say, they all hide one corner dont dare to say anything, cos if not kena thrashing like mad.

and as the success go by, more arrogant they become. they think they deserve to win everything on sight. and cos of this, lesser and lesser people start liking them. then they ask, how come them people start not to like them? they call these people stupid cos not making the right choice. worse, when they lose, they anyhow hentam anyone who dont give in to their way. hack here hack there, until even got referee retire suddenly cos cannot tahan their mouth. even players who they want to sign but kena reject they poke fun at them saying they wont have a good life, cos other club cannot promise them glory like they can give.

but not all player got scared by them. they still believe in themselves that they no need upgrading of club to have a better life. they say what for upgrade when later in the long run they have to sit on bench if suddenly they out of favor. might as well they play more, so can enjoy more. and still can win title oso.

makrinho got more frustrated. even after he win big, he still donno why people criticise him. so now he try to get all best player so no other club can have them. in this case best, so other club cannot enjoy success, only them they want to.

but as time go by, more and more manager and player braver owedi. they know now how to counter their tactic. all they have to do is to keep faith and stay on their ethics. they kept together, stay together, fight together. and more and more people start liking them cos they feel there is more purpose to support them, rather than cheaksea fc cos they say feel hollow support them as always win most times no fight.

but reality they know this fight ony beginning. they know, dynasty cannot last forever one. like quantum physics or something liddat. only hope they can have is to stay together, fight together, and believe together. and from there, everything is possible.

cos they want to believe – cheaksea fc can’t touch this like m.c. hammer

the end.


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