Must have disclaimer or not?

Message from Sammyboy forum:

Dear SPH journalists,

After seeing how you display the highest level of journalistic professionalism in handling James Gomez case, I would like to provide you a chance to get the biggest scoop of all time.

The NKF’s Ong Su Ying is the niece of Mah Bow Tan!

Go and take a look again of her role in the NKF affairs. Go and find out why she was not charged by the MOM!


i wonder what adrain is doing now. last we saw, he’s surrounded with people. darn, chick magnet he is.


void is blanc says:
i dont like cockfighters.
void is blanc says:
i will choose the mafia
void is blanc says:
to rePraZenT!
void is blanc says:
dont i make sense?
void is blanc says:
this saturday
void is blanc says:
we will choose our cooks.
void is blanc says:
and i quite like mentor godfadja!

holly golightly talking politiks is always fun.


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