General Evictions 2006 update

Singapore Election coming, time to fuck off from Australia

Fuck their mother backside lah! I thought the James fella commit what crime.

Forget to fill his form only what! The most can say he blur fuck. And never come out to say sorry is just stupid only what. In the end also say sorry liao.

But the PAP and the newspaper and TV all make him look like he rape his mother and sister and steal their money then go and take drug, and then fuck a dog, and then rob a bank and then kick a little girl until she die!!! What kind of fuck thing is this?

— Rockson

haha. this rockson beng is the works lah.

and as i was going back yesterday, thousands of people were congregating nearby this place of mine. carparks were full. roads were jammed. i saw my dad amongst the crowd. and other local ordinary singaporeans.

whom i believe still has the hopes and dreams of living in this country. and not on a retirement village somewhere nearby.

to those thousands of people, i salut! you. and you too, papa. i’ve not really appreciate you much all these years, but times like this i know why i still love you.

power to the people!

Dubya P’s rally at Hougang Ave 4 30/4/06
picture courtesy of yawning bread.


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