the great singapore sale is evil

maggie cheung is simply ravishing but, i don’t like maggie mee.

*shoes! shoes! shoes!*

kaneena! next time before you go buy a shoe, better research more comprehensively. i was too excited wanting to get the classic NB 992GL, never realise the fella was made of ms piggy. no wonder the shoe was good.

now, if only the shop can refund me back my money. can they?


organ donor

this is too good to be true. suddenly it feels like 1996 all over again.

first mogwai.

now this. check out 5th august.

all in the same week! yowza!


gua tak tau asal diaorang macam kecoh sangat pasal itu da vinci code.

dah lah diaorang dah berbuih ngan kontroversi sama kontradiksi, diaorang “orang buku” nih masih tak mau terima itu hakikat yang diaorang nye kepercayaan ada banyak sengsang sengsong. sampai 75,000 kontradiksi (agaknyer).

yang paling klakar diaorang dah tau diaorang nye kitab ditulis oleh seorang paderi dan bukan dari apa yang diaorang percaya, tetapi masih diaorang anggap “tak itu kitab ditulis oleh Dia sendiri..”

tapi walaubagaimanapun, itu audrey TOOT!TOOT! memang PANAS lah.


or we can just view this.

it’s fucken cool lah. or is not. ah, watever.

yeay yeay menang lagi!

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly

trust liverpool fans to conjure up these things.

but mr gerrard, you made me lose my voice. DARN YOU! DARN YOU!


oh, the SHEAR ecstacy. ok lah one more pix.

in other news, issa nak syiok sendiri kejaps. thanks eh for the pix wahai anda.