men @ work

work is a bore, but sometimes we try to make it fun.

like that. fooling around in the room when the clock strikes 4ish. that’s the time when almost everyone couldn’t care anymore about, schtuffs. so we posed, and laugh, and basically fool around. we’re sure gonna miss that one with the selleck touche. hah.

on other days, we just like to stare at the window, and i kid you not, saw an eagle or something that’s hawkish flying over those flats. a dyslexic bird i assume, but it’s a nice sight anyway, especially when the clouds gather before it rains. very day-after-tomorrow.

sometimes, when we can’t be bothered anymore, we’ll try to do some other sctuffs. i’ve always dreamt of playing golf, and swinging is at times vair therapeutic. until someone stands behind you lah. now, now…

but most of the times, i’ll just talk to my other friends.

say hi to mike, krusty and sulley.

they keep you sane. really.


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