stalked the silk

i think kan, a lot of people must’ve read the reports pasal that dude who married many many then had sex with his children and that dude who jumped to his death at bedok because his penis is too small.

haiyah, why lah this world. macam sex is ruling each and every part of us one.

people must be educated on sex early early one. so as not to confuse later on.

that’s why i will like to suggest back to mediacork, right to bring back the best of the best sex themed shows on tv.

the highly anticipated and gladly watched serial that is SILK STALKINGS.

come on boys, don’t you try to deny the fact that you used to stay up on thursday nights and just put up for the first 10 minutes only. kan? kan? kan?

see, take a look at its slogan. “fighting crimes of passion with a passion for justice.” how can you not go wrong with that?? CSI can’t even top that up. Jack Bauer can not, MAY not, cope with Sam Lorenzo. hell, i don’t think Magnum P.I. and Remington Steele put together can shizzle the fizzle when compared to S.S.

unless it’s Michael and K.I.T.T. lah.

those 2 are of a different breed.



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