oh macam gituhkah?
mampos, duit lagi….

men @ work

work is a bore, but sometimes we try to make it fun.

like that. fooling around in the room when the clock strikes 4ish. that’s the time when almost everyone couldn’t care anymore about, schtuffs. so we posed, and laugh, and basically fool around. we’re sure gonna miss that one with the selleck touche. hah.

on other days, we just like to stare at the window, and i kid you not, saw an eagle or something that’s hawkish flying over those flats. a dyslexic bird i assume, but it’s a nice sight anyway, especially when the clouds gather before it rains. very day-after-tomorrow.

sometimes, when we can’t be bothered anymore, we’ll try to do some other sctuffs. i’ve always dreamt of playing golf, and swinging is at times vair therapeutic. until someone stands behind you lah. now, now…

but most of the times, i’ll just talk to my other friends.

say hi to mike, krusty and sulley.

they keep you sane. really.

lelong lelong

damn those fash hags. pasal diaorang duit makin menurun….

but then kan, how to not resist these….


Adidas: Rod Laver vintage mid
they say kan, this season kan, high top shoes all teh rage tau. so pasal itu converse kan dah macam a bit common, i tertarik kat ni kahpluak. adoi.

Casio: Gold Waveceptor
pasal tak mampu itu rolex ataupun itu dior homme, ni casio pun boleh menjadi. golddd..

5EP: khakis
this season kan, khakis are the new jeans. itu nudies have to be put on hold first. *darn*

cukup, cukup…

stalked the silk

i think kan, a lot of people must’ve read the reports pasal that dude who married many many then had sex with his children and that dude who jumped to his death at bedok because his penis is too small.

haiyah, why lah this world. macam sex is ruling each and every part of us one.

people must be educated on sex early early one. so as not to confuse later on.

that’s why i will like to suggest back to mediacork, right to bring back the best of the best sex themed shows on tv.

the highly anticipated and gladly watched serial that is SILK STALKINGS.

come on boys, don’t you try to deny the fact that you used to stay up on thursday nights and just put up for the first 10 minutes only. kan? kan? kan?

see, take a look at its slogan. “fighting crimes of passion with a passion for justice.” how can you not go wrong with that?? CSI can’t even top that up. Jack Bauer can not, MAY not, cope with Sam Lorenzo. hell, i don’t think Magnum P.I. and Remington Steele put together can shizzle the fizzle when compared to S.S.

unless it’s Michael and K.I.T.T. lah.

those 2 are of a different breed.


rain rain come again

they say quitters are losers.
so, i continue to smoke.


Beckham revealed he is not much of a gambler himself, and said: ‘I like going horse racing sometimes just for a day out, but I have never been a card man in my life. The only thing I’ve played is snap.’

gee, not even happy family?


there were times,
hang out at tower,
and roxy,
to just stare at cds,
but now we have these…

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now ain’t that a bit too long.


microsoft paint is sometimes fun.

so yeah, i’m just waiting for the rain to stop.