commercials initiated by those *higher uppery people* in sg, always tend to be over the top.

don’t you think so?

take for example that commercial on the *infocomm* one.

the first initial reaction was to squirm. then tear your hair out. and if possible throw out the tv set from the room and hope it lands on the producer of that clip.

or better still on the girl who supposedly is the security expert and claimed “…if not for MYYYYYYYYYYY security blah blah, you’ll never feel safe…”

like what tha fuck?! just drink that champagne of yours and security or not, i cant be really bothered. maybe security personels love their drinks more than others. that is why…

or that gay looking dude who suddenly sprang out from nowhere like a monkey who just drowned 10 kilos of cili padi and shouts “game development is cool!”

oh my god. since when are IT professionals so chirpy and excited like that? the ones i knew are most probably those who cannot be bothered about doing their work. like me. :>

this is what i hate of yuppies. most. suddenly so sophisticated, and every good quality and possession and invincibility is pouring out of each of their pores.

and please gahmen marketeers and advertisers. cut down on the sugar cheesy output or the paranoia beast of tragic proportions when sounding messages to the public.

we deserve more with the money you’re reaping in.


in other news, i made a resolution to never ever ever wear steel toe boots when stepping into gee yoook. feet security is excellent, but when it comes to the two step dance, it feels like taking the marathon with weights strapped onto the ankles.

not such a good idea, ain’t it so?


2 thoughts on “114361895120028918

  1. Every time I saw that infocomm ads it makes me vomit bloody.Come on get realiah KNNCB.In reality they will be at Deen Biasa sucking tulangs ,sipping Tehh tarek and talking cocks in singlish .That is what i call cool ads.

  2. If you didn’t know already, advertising is all about lying.

    Trust me, I am in advertising.

    The matter of fact here is how to lie convincingly, in which case the makers of this ad failed to
    do so. Probably by providing happy cheesy characters portraying a positive image about the IT industry, they thought they could convince people to join the IT workforce, but we all know better don’t we?

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