of tiesto and randoms

must. take. note. tiesto. 14th april.
though i am not that fond of stepping to the em ohhh es.
however, i think i still have a few months left in me to jiggy wiggy.

anyways, for the couple of months been patronising this. the so-called (still) best kept secret. wonderful place, ultra wonderful memories. and very nice staff too. the rate i’m going there, i’ll probably be submitted to A.A.

and well, i’m left with only a few more days before i bade fucken goodbye to A.M.K. 10 years. 10 bloody years. from the teenage angst years to this current state of adult-lescent. and especially this house. and this room. goodness me, i’m gonna miss the memories spent here (a bit). especially to the neigbour across the block who seem to parade herself naked after showering. imma not kidding. she’d a condition, i think. a good condition in my perspective. :>

imma gonna miss rushing my ass off to the underground walkway with those 2 families selling newsies and mags. gonna miss the good ‘ol mama shop where the cigs tastes stale. gonna miss the park. imma gonna miss the northline mrt where it’ll just take a quarter of an hour to town and thus have good excuses to rush there with little hesistation. but what imma gonna miss most – still – are the memories that were made in this room. some bad, most good. a lot has happened here, but, like all wisemen say. fucken bloody hell move on son.

so, hopefully the next stop provides more *sanity*. even though it is one damn fucken ulu. howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gaaaaaang?

new place, so thus need new appliances, kan?

let’s start off with this one. imma assuared this’ll make a good investment. *wala!*

the bloody best vacuum cleaner money can buy.

hmmmm, but budget wise, need to be more practical.
i still owe THE bank. a lot. possibly have to be at their mercy for the rest of my life.

or if not, i’ll make something like this.

totally, in common sense, sensible.


One thought on “of tiesto and randoms

  1. ello.. boleh tanya? itu om cafe slalu walk past tapi tak penah nak masok. gonna give a shot.
    place looks great for chillin but what are the prices for the food & drinks like? can give price range??

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