Haris Pilton

that tammy incident hor make me more realised hor that old electronics items have never been so valuable before one.

why i say this?

i tell you hor, if the fella had made that thing using those VHS tapes hor, i bet people vair hard to distribute one. liddat all items, mostly, will be safe right? if want to get, most probably kena go to petain road.

so hor next time u want to do something hor, THINK (vintage).

though hor i oso wonder what handphone the fella using. how can it hold so much data one? now suddenly i wanna change handphone one.

(mebbe) the tammy can be the new spokeperson for that handphone maker. sure make money one.

enough of fiona xie leh parading her butt on mrt trains.


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