evolution beb!

A more effective way to bolster religious belief than attacking Darwin is to remember that religion addresses questions that are completely beyond the range of science. The meaning of life, the nature of good conduct, the nature of the human soul: Science is not set up to deal with any of these.

This is why religion remains so potent — and, I think, so positive — a force in modern America. It alone provides answers to the hardest questions we all face. In a health crisis, we want help from a doctor who practices medicine in a completely rational and scientific manner. But our prayers that this medicine helps go to a supernatural being, not to the doctor.


a friend told me it ain’t good to be indulged with them who are very inclined with, you know, that. *gives the t sign*

and another showed to me what its like to be free of any web of heartbreaks.

now i know why those spgs like their men draped with those blood.

they’re fun-ner.


so what does a troubled mind do?

rather than slogged onto work, assignments, preparing for exams and more work, this gentle man “retrieved” 2 more movies. one about a man trying to convey wat’s wrong, or is it right i won’t know. and another one is about a man who seems to be like one trying to save a man. or something.

“Now sarip, you still can be friends and not lust. Like me.”

this the show about that man trying to save that man. kahpoteh. quite nice. maybe.

“Now, sarip, this is how you are to pose when you smoke. Now practice.”

now this the other one. i don’t know why i kept smoking non stop while watching it. how i wish my werkplace is like that. and with someone like a george clooney as your boss. oh, how swell that’ll gotta be. good luck.

and now i will try to force myself to sleep.


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