more pictures! let’s burn down the embassy!

my first promise of the year is to talk less.

after looking through these. now, i wonder what will those demonstrators do when they see this. maybe, they’ll create a law to shut down the internet altogether.

i won’t mind if technology breaks down altogether. i rather go back to the days when the typewriter and pen reigns supreme over anything else.

then again, i’d promise to not make a promise.


2 thoughts on “more pictures! let’s burn down the embassy!

  1. first rule of journalism:

    RAGE sells.

    of course these media vehicles would bank on the sensationalised images of reaction rather than the voice of ‘Intellectual Islam’. and youre not doing much by just sitting back and prodding at it. at least some people dare to respond in some way. you just spurt qoutes (on the pretext of relevance), shake your head and condemn these people for feeling something (and showing it).

    if you have a better way, THEN GO ON, DO SOMETHING WITH IT.
    a few links and qoutes don’t make your holier-than-thou elitism any credible you know.

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