Hello, BANG!

i’ve a history of losing my handphone.

so i gave up, and did not purchase any longer.

but i’ve the next best solution.

take dad’s old ones. he seems to be more hip than me when dealing with handphones. i dont know what his fascination is with these things.

and so now i’ve got this phone, with a cute bear hanging at the top. god knows why he tied that little bear there. oh well.

but then if, and this is a MAJOR if, i do get a handphone, i won’t mind getting this one.


sarip and guns go along well like, simon and garfunkel. or bonny and clyde. or those two ‘magicians’ with the white siberian tiger.


Haris Pilton

that tammy incident hor make me more realised hor that old electronics items have never been so valuable before one.

why i say this?

i tell you hor, if the fella had made that thing using those VHS tapes hor, i bet people vair hard to distribute one. liddat all items, mostly, will be safe right? if want to get, most probably kena go to petain road.

so hor next time u want to do something hor, THINK (vintage).

though hor i oso wonder what handphone the fella using. how can it hold so much data one? now suddenly i wanna change handphone one.

(mebbe) the tammy can be the new spokeperson for that handphone maker. sure make money one.

enough of fiona xie leh parading her butt on mrt trains.


dapat ni benda dari cik morakimo.

best betul.

in other news..

A US team found chewing gum seemed to speed up the return of normal bowel function, and therefore help shorten hospital stays. A US team found chewing gum seemed to speed up the return of normal bowel function, and therefore help shorten hospital stays.

They believe gum may stimulate the same nerves as eating, promoting the release of hormones that activate the gastrointestinal tract.

now gahmen, can we have ’em baaaaacckkk?

the library bully

i am not racist. BUT, generalisations and observance can create judgements.

i don’t know about you, but after days being stucked in the library, i have this observance on certain dislikes to certain groups.

i know i do not have a tendency to like kids. up to the point i literally HATE them.

certain groups of them really takes the cake, and it differs between races.

the indian kid
man, these ones makes me want to topple the bookcases and trampled them with the hugest encyclopedia available. i realised these fellas like to shriek. and squek. a lot. and aloud. they’ll have these fucking iritating screechy high pitch voice and they’ll go on and on and on and on. i wonder how they have this ability to yodel since young. the worse part is, once they start yodelling, and something goes bad, their talking become worst. it gets reaaaaaaaaaalllly bad when they start to cry, especially when their talk is not being conveyed. macam drama mama sey. it’s like it’s the biggest extravanganza there is to be. if mediacork lacks of really talented dramatic artists, they really should look at these kids. irritating talent, but at least, natural in disposition of emotions.

the chinese
now (sometimes) these irritants take on a whole new different level. they are like these roaches who has just been discovered and run like mad to escape from being killed. worse, they seem to run like, forever. and louder. with shrieks that’s unbelievable to a certain extent to be comprehended. sometimes, i just wish when they run, the books from the shelves fall upon their head and paralyze them altogether. better still, it falls into their mouth and the book stucks innit. better still, the book is titled “shut up, mutherfucker. you are IN the library!”

the malays
i have yet to see one of ’em. maybe they just don’t read. but i believe, they will be no better than the rest. once they see other kids around, they’ll probably morph into one of them. or worst, combine the powers altogether.

why can’t the parents be more tact when their kids create the library to hell? will it be wrong if i find one kid creating a ruckus and just throw them out of the window?

who’ll be in more wrong then? blardy kids disrupting peace, or a mat injuring the little devil?

evolution beb!

A more effective way to bolster religious belief than attacking Darwin is to remember that religion addresses questions that are completely beyond the range of science. The meaning of life, the nature of good conduct, the nature of the human soul: Science is not set up to deal with any of these.

This is why religion remains so potent — and, I think, so positive — a force in modern America. It alone provides answers to the hardest questions we all face. In a health crisis, we want help from a doctor who practices medicine in a completely rational and scientific manner. But our prayers that this medicine helps go to a supernatural being, not to the doctor.


a friend told me it ain’t good to be indulged with them who are very inclined with, you know, that. *gives the t sign*

and another showed to me what its like to be free of any web of heartbreaks.

now i know why those spgs like their men draped with those blood.

they’re fun-ner.


so what does a troubled mind do?

rather than slogged onto work, assignments, preparing for exams and more work, this gentle man “retrieved” 2 more movies. one about a man trying to convey wat’s wrong, or is it right i won’t know. and another one is about a man who seems to be like one trying to save a man. or something.

“Now sarip, you still can be friends and not lust. Like me.”

this the show about that man trying to save that man. kahpoteh. quite nice. maybe.

“Now, sarip, this is how you are to pose when you smoke. Now practice.”

now this the other one. i don’t know why i kept smoking non stop while watching it. how i wish my werkplace is like that. and with someone like a george clooney as your boss. oh, how swell that’ll gotta be. good luck.

and now i will try to force myself to sleep.

more pictures! let’s burn down the embassy!

my first promise of the year is to talk less.

after looking through these. now, i wonder what will those demonstrators do when they see this. maybe, they’ll create a law to shut down the internet altogether.

i won’t mind if technology breaks down altogether. i rather go back to the days when the typewriter and pen reigns supreme over anything else.

then again, i’d promise to not make a promise.

of cartoons and fools

“Oh my God! Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong broke up!”

call me tasteless, or insensitive, but i simply do not understand the blatant furore surrounding the cartoons issue published by the danish paper.

i know, for a fact, that it is wrong to depict the Prophet as an image, or imagery, form for the fact that the religion discourages idolatory schtuffs. or something like that.

and yes, it is wrong for the paper to publish those images in a form of that it resembles to a form of a comedic or sarcastic nature.


the extent of the demonstrations by these *radical* muslims, does the religion itself depicts its followers to condemn to such a scale? the followers itself belief that the meaning of the faith is to serve peace, and adamantly, whenever a situation that suspects muslims perpetrates, scholars will sermon that the faith believes in peace.

so how will the scholars reflect on this? are the followers too sensitive and conservative in the event of someone else trying to depict something else to them? we have been too often being condemned as groups of people who reacts like hydrogen on fire or oxygen or whatever whenever.

A newspaper editor in Jordan who was fired after publishing the cartoons in the weekly tabloid Shihan urged Muslims to be reasonable.

“Who offends Islam more?” asked Jihad Momeni. “A foreigner who endeavors to draw the prophet … or a Muslim with an explosive belt who commits suicide in a wedding party in Amman or elsewhere?”

from the history books, the Prophet engaged in 3 wars when there are instances of many more others but were done by by dialogues and considerations. if these demonstrators are so keen to uphold the state of the faith, why could not they trust in the form of the meaning of the religion, before they conduct these acts, which again will be manipulated by the unbelievers to conspire some more incidents to potray the faith in a different form of light?


the next time these people says peace be upon you and go for a demonstration, i’ll go and apply to work in a danish consulate.

karma chameleon

funny, it took scarlett johansson’s *globes* to make me think of what is there to be
out there. there must be something else out there. something.

and karma (maybe) is real. just ask earl.

well, believing is a step. sort of.

and i am not sure if this will be available here. i am not a fan of either one, but it does make a nice gift. very.

*i’m ghost*