everybody gotta have a dream, yo!

jack bauer is back, (yeay!) i’m thrilled, but frustrated as well. this is THE most addictive tv show in history, for all i can remember. how not, i once plonked myself for 18 hours STRAIGHT watching season 4. and that is the day before my exams. heh. no wonder. you just cannot, CANNOT, stop watching just one episode at a time.


so watcha gonna do on this weekend?

let’s just say, imma plonking on the zuton and play these 2 shows.

a history of violence

nice. slow pace with violence scenes that i’ll like. and maria bello. mmmmm.

hustle & flow

A rap star from the Dirty South who is trying to make it in the hip hop world, he has to deal with many different types of people who try to bring him down, including strippers, baby’s mama, and all the things that try to keep a player down. This is probably his last chance to make it, he is approaching his 40’s, and his life is looking downhill.

sounds familiar. except for the stripper’s part. or isit? hmmm.


keep the faith

these past few weeks, the topic of faith has been brewing in my mind – till it invoked lots of doubts, distress and what nots.

everyone in us acknowledged that to live is to have faith. we are made by Him and Him is who we are to return. however, people naturally will have different interpretations as to which and what does the Thruth that’s to be known. and this is where conflicts and contradictions come appears, for as long as i can remember.

i believe, that the only way to have trust in something that is so important, is to acknowledge and compare and analyse and observe contradictions. only from there, judgement can be derived, and hopefully, the judgement may be sound. we are born in the surroundings that we are, and brought up by the parents of ours and, sadly, sometimes traditions can blind us in our path for faith. we don’t question, and answers will be hidden. we just follow what our parents do, and rarely do we question the reasonings behind it. we are told what to do and sometimes it results in blind faith, emptiness and there will come to a point when we question ourselves, why are we here in the first place?

my knowledge in faith is still very limited, and here i am now standing at this line. it is most ironical though, that this sudden injection of pursuing more is a result of meeting someone of a different faith as me. and because of that, i am relishing more in my pursuit to seek what it is to be seeked.

and to do that, i’ve to revive that thirst for the knowledge of knowledging, the contradictions and judgements.

and this was what i found out – the arguments between the quran and the claims against it.

read it with an open mind. and hopefully, your judgement is the right one.

*peace be upon you.*

my mind’s not right! abel come on!

i realised (slowly) one thing.

we are having an avalanche of concerts.

everyone is getting excited cos you know who and who is coming down and who who who who is having the major one at bkk.

but (being the snob that is irrelevant in this confession), i felt a bit short changed lah. good they may be. famous, they are to be. but then kan, it’s a bit stale lah for these acts. singaporeans, and asians, in general will only be hyped up to recognise these acts once everybody is *into* it and those bright new acts are not given the attention that’s to be credited.

so now i am wishing for they to come down. can? please promoters, there is a market for these unknown acts. it’s better to bring ’em now kan before *MTV* starts hyping them up. it’ll even bring up your cred to the rest in this region, i say not?

so who do i request? well, currently definately them and them.

i see their videos and gigs macam happening gituh.

rant over.

be prepared or be prepared to die

if this picture appears in an oral examination, what will the student describe eh?


a) re-enactment of a serious bomb attack

b) someone had watched hostel before the censors approve it here, so trying to re-create the movie.

c) singapore idol contestants got poisoned by mediacork because they don’t know why they’re re-creating another season of the over-the-top show.

d) an over the top drill to show to the world that this country is ever ready to prepare anything and after that pat themselves on the back to show that they’re are capable enough to handle it when of course lah it is a show in the first place but also knowing the fact that singaporeans being singaporeans when something bad happens first thing they do is push everyone and run away with or without drill practices so why make such a big deal about this event and not try to keep a lowdown of this and not overblow and oversensationalise it.

maybe after seeing that picture, the student will become like this.