crazy is as crazy was

paul van dyk.
it. was. damn. tiring.
crazy in fact. 3/4 of the time i was swatting human flesh like a packet of flies.

“how dare them break my momentum!”

(but) no matter how *cool* it was, no matter how hard i tried my best to strike into tha zone, i can’t be really swayed totally into it.

the body was there, but the mind was bare.

yes. i was. and that’s lame. and thruth be told, i hate that feeling. it sucks.

trying to forget something that striked me is equivalent to my strength trying to quit smoking.

how do you forget about something? are there any cold turkey practices for it?

i watched eternal sunshine, again. tragicnye.

tried to reflect on the current situation. does not seem to work. the only lacuna i know of is lacuna live by the zephyrs. *darn them*

i think the only solution i can think of is leaving the country. then again, i have to find a way to delete my name from that hdb record.

or looking for new kitchen cabinets & a fucking cool wardrobe system.

or listening to joan jett.

and trying to quit smoking.


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