the good doc gives good schtuffs

was talking with the good doc (congrats you!), and she notified me with this another *excellent* piece of malay filmography. i hope it’s true based on the reviews i’ve read.

that adflin dude, he knows his schtuffs. he kept it real. but sometimes, he can be over the very top. luckily, tetap menten. just like steve carrell.

and yesterday, i went to this talk by this *i believe* well known scholar. the mosque, abd aleem siddiq at telok kurau, is the works man. vair nice, vair spa-like (?!). very impressed.

though, i am not so by the sight of some of the attendees zikir-ing till the extent of being in trance manual mode. headbanging, should i say.

frrreaky man.

i’m out.


3 thoughts on “the good doc gives good schtuffs

  1. headbanging?are you a muslim?if u are…headbanging is not the right word to use…i may not be a healthy Muslim…but i wud never ever say that the ppl who’s berzikir is headbanging….that’s disrespectful..

  2. yes i am.

    and dude, u should really see it.

    imma not kidding.

    even my friends were quite disturbed by it.

    they were really in trance mode.

    who am i disrespectful of? god?

    or them? there is a saying in the book, whereby when we zikir, we are not encouraged to be in that transcendual mode. it is not advised.

    and yes i will still stand on my word.

    they were headbanging.

  3. In a trance mode?Lol!
    well i guess i shudnt say anything coz i wasnt there…but..still, some people berzikir like that..
    well its between them and God..

    p/s i aint a dude..cheers.

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