everybody gotta have a dream, yo!

jack bauer is back, (yeay!) i’m thrilled, but frustrated as well. this is THE most addictive tv show in history, for all i can remember. how not, i once plonked myself for 18 hours STRAIGHT watching season 4. and that is the day before my exams. heh. no wonder. you just cannot, CANNOT, stop watching just one episode at a time.


so watcha gonna do on this weekend?

let’s just say, imma plonking on the zuton and play these 2 shows.

a history of violence

nice. slow pace with violence scenes that i’ll like. and maria bello. mmmmm.

hustle & flow

A rap star from the Dirty South who is trying to make it in the hip hop world, he has to deal with many different types of people who try to bring him down, including strippers, baby’s mama, and all the things that try to keep a player down. This is probably his last chance to make it, he is approaching his 40’s, and his life is looking downhill.

sounds familiar. except for the stripper’s part. or isit? hmmm.


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