my mind’s not right! abel come on!

i realised (slowly) one thing.

we are having an avalanche of concerts.

everyone is getting excited cos you know who and who is coming down and who who who who is having the major one at bkk.

but (being the snob that is irrelevant in this confession), i felt a bit short changed lah. good they may be. famous, they are to be. but then kan, it’s a bit stale lah for these acts. singaporeans, and asians, in general will only be hyped up to recognise these acts once everybody is *into* it and those bright new acts are not given the attention that’s to be credited.

so now i am wishing for they to come down. can? please promoters, there is a market for these unknown acts. it’s better to bring ’em now kan before *MTV* starts hyping them up. it’ll even bring up your cred to the rest in this region, i say not?

so who do i request? well, currently definately them and them.

i see their videos and gigs macam happening gituh.

rant over.


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