be prepared or be prepared to die

if this picture appears in an oral examination, what will the student describe eh?


a) re-enactment of a serious bomb attack

b) someone had watched hostel before the censors approve it here, so trying to re-create the movie.

c) singapore idol contestants got poisoned by mediacork because they don’t know why they’re re-creating another season of the over-the-top show.

d) an over the top drill to show to the world that this country is ever ready to prepare anything and after that pat themselves on the back to show that they’re are capable enough to handle it when of course lah it is a show in the first place but also knowing the fact that singaporeans being singaporeans when something bad happens first thing they do is push everyone and run away with or without drill practices so why make such a big deal about this event and not try to keep a lowdown of this and not overblow and oversensationalise it.

maybe after seeing that picture, the student will become like this.



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